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Fulfillment Pricing Customized to Your Unique Needs


Our pricing plan sums up all the services you opt for your direct-to-consumer order fulfillment. We offer straightforward pricing, coupled with our discounted shipping rates.


Choose a 3PL solution that suits your business

Let's start by choosing the number of orders you process per month to calculate the pick fees.

501 - 1,000

Monthly Orders


First Item Pick Fee Per order


Additional Fee Per Extra Items


Promotional Inserts

$2.30 + .50 / additional item

Additional Item / Carton Pick

* Actual weight or volumetric weight items greater than 10lbs may incur additional charges.
* Fragile, perishable, and hazardous items may incur additional charges.

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Calculate your costs based on the number of SKUs and handling units.

Weight of Master Case?


Number of Master Cases?


Total = $1.90


First SKU Pick Fee


Same SKU Pick Fee
$0.45 upto the 10th pick
$0.25 from 11th pick


Pallet Handling


Additional Documents / Special Instructions

* Actual weight or volumetric weight items greater than 10lbs may incur additional charges.
* Fragile, perishable, and hazardous items may incur additional charges.

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Our Simple, Transparent Storage Pricing

We are FDA and EPA certified. As a result, our warehouses are secured and under 24/7 surveillance. We offer the extra care that your packages deserve.

Our picking process is seamless, with a unique, trackable location for each SKU, making the whole order-fulfillment process faster.


Small Bin

6” x 12” x 24”

€2 /month


Medium Bin

14” x 17” x 22

€4 / month


Large Bin

21” x 24” x 25”

€6 /month



Max 55” High

$20.50 /month



55” – 80”

$25.50 / month



80” +

$29.50 /month


Dry & Cold

Per Pallet

$21 /month


Extra Security

Frequently Asked Questions

Which shipping carriers does Fulfillment Hub Hungary (FHH) negotiate rates with?

We have partnered with major shipping carriers. As a result, we receive huge discounts on shipment, which we pass on to you. Further, you can pass the discounts to your customers, offering them better prices than your competitor.

Does FHH’s software allow me to integrate my online store?

We have ties with all the major eCommerce platforms globally. However, if you have a custom platform, we can integrate that. For more information on integration, contact our team.

Does FHH provide timely support?

Customer satisfaction is our priority. Therefore, we have assigned a dedicated account manager to help you with onboarding. Moreover, our dedicated customer support team is proficient and always ensures you get what you want.

Does FHH offer shipping outside Europe?

Fulfillment Hub Hungary offers international shipping at an affordable cost. We take care of customs, international clearances, air cargo, and transfers via sea.

I am unsure of the delivery address. Can FHH help?

Verifying an address can be nerve-racking. However, if you have an address, you are unsure about, you do not have to worry. We are here for you. Our team takes care of the unverified address and gets it verified for you.

I would like to check the parcel before the parcel is shipped to the customer. Can FHH help?

We can share the photos of the packages before we ship them. So, you get to know how your packages look. You can share the photos with your customers if they ask for them.

How does the software help manage the business?

Our Warehouse Management System gives you all the updates you need. It lets you manage your inventory, reminds you of understock and overstock, allows product tracking, helps you with insights and best performing SKUs, and many more. In addition, the software decreases your paperwork to a minimum.

Does FHH manage claims?

We have an effective claims management system. On rare occasions when a shipment gets lost or damaged, our team helps you file a claim and manage the situation.

Does FHH offer freight management?

When we say our warehouses are always busy, we mean goods are constantly coming in and leaving. Our efficient freight management system helps our team and customers coordinate with carriers, distributors, and vendors.

Does FHH offer returns?

You do not have to worry about managing returns when you partner with us. We have an effective returns management policy that ensures seamless returns for your orders.

Receiving Fees

Warehouse Services

Shared Receiving

Single SKU pallet delivery


Single SKU case delivery


Special Manual Receiving

mixed pallet/case


Receiving Fee per


General Fees

*Minimum billing is $199


WMS Integration

one-time / inventory


WMS Integration

one-time / website


WMS Software



Inventory access & reporting


Inventory Count

Cycle Count



Yearly Inventory Count



Repacking &Special Projects




Special Kitting

(Product Assembly)


Urgent / Time limited projects



E-commerce Returns

Shipment incl. Q&A and Reporting


Return per item




Unload Containers – Palletized

Single SKU



Unload Containers – Unpalletized





Cross Docking


Per Pallet Loading


Account Management

Up to 6 Hours / Month


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